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ixArma 7 out now – Get your update

ISANDO GROUP is proud to announce that ixArma 7 is out now and available to customers. Apart from a brand-new interface, lifting user experience UX to new heights, we implemented some new features that will improve security, stability and usability of our software. In addition, we extended the range of MDMs for our APP (Android and IOS) and added new features.

We strongly recommend clients with “Oldtimers” to book a presentation. Please bear in mind that EOL-Support applies to our software solutions. Currently, we offer full support for all versions from 5.4.24 (end of life support until 31.12.2022) and above.

The Challenge

ISANDO GROUP and its subsidiaries have customers across multiple (and outdated) versions of ixArma, spanning almost two decades of the software. On top, we have individual add-ons to the software. Clients are using ixArma 3 to ixArma 5, making it almost impossible for us to deliver a dedicated support and planned releases. We really appreciate that the software is that stable and usable even after years without updates. However, the IT and software business is developing at face pace, and therefore we urge our customers to use always the latest version, enabling us to react quickly in any case of down-time.

Providing individualized services and dedicated Alarm Server Management, INAX247 International is your leading provider in Europe. We’re offering these services from various locations and through help of motivated resellers. It’s in your interest to you to minimize risks. Just speak to us for a free consultation.

The Solution

Use our renowned and market-leading software ixArma7 and ixArma7 portal and be prepared for the worst. This software is available as a secure cloud solution, hosted in your country or on your very own dedicated server. INAX247 International implements your Alarm Server Solution. Furthermore, we manage the application on your behalf, even on your own dedicated server. As such a server is assigned to you, you may use it server for a wider range of other applications and business needs too. However, INAX247 International is then only responsible for the installation of the Alarm Server and its maintenance.